I went Intramuros with teachers and other students. We left EB later than the schedule time because we couldn't contact with one of the teachers. She fell asleep and turned off her mobile phone. We were relieved very much when she called us back. She just then followed and and met us in Intramuros. 

At first we ate Filipino food in the restaurant , nemed Barbara's which one of the teachers recommend near Intramuros. We ate and love Adobo, Kaldereta, Kare kare with Bagoong and Sinigang. And I learned some Tagalog words "Kuya" ,"Ate". 

Second, We walked around Intramuros while seeing beautiful Spanish buildings, churches, park and records about Jose Rizal. He was a very short man but he could speak more than 5 languages, and had many wives ( I envied him ! ). The more I know the Philippines, the more I like it.